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Nokia Care Suite is a great application which allows the users of Nokia to fix many issues of their phones themselves. The application has been designed for the public, who use to go for the service provider to get the job done. Now, by installing the “Nokia Care Suite” and connecting the phone to the computer, one can easily troubleshoot the problem.

Along with that, can get the updates of the operating system, and even flash the latest Firmware files to the phone. Nokia Care Suite with the sober design and clean interface provides you different section, which has been divided to cop the different issues. Like to get the flashing of the phone, you will get the software update and support section, to connect the device to computer, fuse section and two others in the row.

What is the Nokia Care Suite?

Nokia Care Suite is a little utility software, which is designed by Nokia’s official. The application at first has been used by the experienced in repairing and un-bricking of the phone or flashing. But, later on, some addition led the Nokia to make it available to the public, inexperienced people.

Now, with the great interface, the application largely is being used to update the Nokia software, flashing the latest ROM files, and to troubleshooting the errors of the mobile phone. No matter which brand of Nokia you got, by using Nokia Care Suite and you will get all fixed.

Though, before using it for unbricking of the phone, flashing of the device, and to unlocking the bootloader, get some information related to these sections. Or you get an experienced guy along with you, before going to hit these issues.

How to use Nokia Care Suite?

Nokia Care Suite is a great blessing for simple users. Those users who had to rush to service provider shop, for simple errors, now get them fixed by sitting on the sofa.

Though, I have mentioned it before, before changing the core thing of the phone, like Firmware files. Get the help of an experienced friend. Otherwise, you will get the phone bricked, or get the software warranty void. Though, the Care suite helps you to connect your phone to the computer, and to hit the sharing stuff, etc.

But, the larger portion of the application is designed to provide services regarding some troubleshooting or updating the software of the phone. There are four portions of this application; each caters to the different needs of the users.

Fuse Module

Fuse module’s entire task is to connect the phone to the computer. And all the troubleshooting related to this will be handled by this.

The task of this module is to make smooth communication between the different devices. Help the user to share the data smoothly. Increase the speed of sharing of the content and much more in the row. So, if you want to share the files, or want to arrange the data on your computer, that portion is for you. Click it on and explore the inch and squares of it.

IMEI Reader

If you want to read the IMEI number of the phone or more than a phone, that module is there for you. It helps the user to read the IMEI numbers of more than one devices, connected.

Multi Software Update:

Now, this third module is used to update the software of the phones which are connected. Like, you got the older version of the Android, and the next version has also been released, which the phone of your support, by connecting and clicking on the module, you will get the software updated to the next version. Or the same Android version will also be provided with the updates, latest updates make your phone less reachable by the hackers and seekers.

Product Support

The module is designed to install the flashing files on an Android phone. You got a Nokia phone, and you want to flash the phone with the latest firmware files. By reaching this module, and connecting the phone to the computer, you will install the latest firmware files. It should be noted, before going to this module, you should know the model of the phone.

Features of the Nokia Care Suite:

Nokia Care Suite is one-stop-shop for the common users to fix various issues of their phones.

  • Connect the phone to computer, and share any data with double the speed
  • Install flashing files on your phone, with just a couple of clicks
  • Install latest updates on your phone
  • Get your phone update, secure and faster
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Easy navigation

Download Nokia Care Suite from the given download link, and install it on your computer.

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